How Much Do You Know About President Trump?

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Billionaire, Businessman, and former reality-show host, Donald Trump, arguably one of the most notorious Presidents of all time, has managed to astound and astonish the world at large. No wonder that many admire Donald Trump as much as they despise him. How well do you know the current President of the United States? Let's find out!


What is Trump's nickname for Robert De Niro?

To which legendary boxer Trump acted as a financial advisor?

Which NFL team Trump attempted to buy?

Which one of these is NOT a President Donald Trump's tweet?

What sports team did Donald Trump own?


What does the J stand for in Donald J Trump?


How many times have Trump’s companies filed for bankruptcy?


How old was Donald Trump when he was sent to military school?


What is Trump's favorite drink?


Donald Trump made his first television appearance in what sitcom?

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How many times did Trump change political parties?

When was Trump born?


How many times has Donald Trump been nominated for Emmys?

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What is Trump's nickname for Kim Jong-un?


What character did Trump play in the film The Little Rascals?

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How many Presidents were there before Donald Trump?

How many books about Donald Trump have been published during his first year in office?


Which catchphrase did Donald Trump try to trademark?

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What is Trump's nickname?

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Where did Trump host several boxing matches?


Which beauty pageant system did Trump own?

What was Donald Trump's TV show called?

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When was Trump Tower completed?

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When was Trump University founded?

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How many times has Donald Trump been a presidential candidate?

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How many children does President Donald Trump have?

What was the original name of the Trump family's real estate and construction firm?

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What is Donald Trump's net worth?

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Where was he born?


Which college did Donald Trump graduate from?


What character did Trump play in the movie Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps?

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What was Trump's 2016 presidential campaign slogan?


When did Donald Trump get his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame?


How many Golf courses does Trump own?

How many times has Donald Trump been married?

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